The Fleece Nighty

I am Alex. I am 23. On Tuesday I bought a fleece nighty from a Charity Shop for £3 (you know those super old-lady, 3/4 length, collared beauties).

This is me. What a way to begin. But I am hoping that last sentence was weird enough that you might just keep reading.

When I found myself buying said nighty on Tuesday I decided that I needed to start a blog, to share with the world the old lady life that I lead. If you know how it feels to crave an early night on a Friday or find yourself sacrificing your outfit for that extra practical layer of warmth, then know you’re not alone. Hopefully some entertainment will be found in my musings about using my National Trust membership or my love of M&S.

However, my old lady ways will be entwined round my two loves, aka two B’s:

Let’s start with number 1: Bakes

Baking is my obsession. My instagram can show you that baking is a weekly (could easily become daily) routine. For my birthday I spent two days baking my first Afternoon Tea. Not only do I love baking, but I also love going out and eating baking. I am always on the look out for new things to bake, new ways to decorate or new weird and wonderful flavour combinations. (Look out for my rocky road topped Battenberg which was a surprise success!)

Always on the hunt for a new recipe or the latest tip to improve my skills, I will be putting my favourites here (to add the numerous other ones out there) in case it reaches anyone who is equally addicted.

Number 2: Books

I have always had an on and off relationship with books but recently my love of reading has gone sky high. I personally think the best way to read a book is with a really big slice of cake and a cup of tea (or gin depending on the time of day).

I haven’t studied English Lit in a long time so don’t expect ground breaking theories. But if you, like me, understand the sadness when you finish a great book, or the annoyance when none of the characters are real, then we might get along.

Other things may creep in:

  • Days out and about (No surprises that this includes historic houses and long walks)
  • Food (any cafe, restaurant, night out takeaway is enjoyed but nothing beats brunch or afternoon tea)
  • Day to day thoughts (nothing too heavy, don’t worry, we all know the world is slowly falling apart and we don’t need reminding of it)
  • Charity Shop purchases that I am particularly proud of (hopefully no more nighties but you never know…)

So there you have it. One new blog post from a 23 year old who lives the life of a 70 year old. Who knows what old lady tales are to follow but feel free to join me.

Alex xxx


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